Seed Starting and Garden Prepping

After basically a year of inactivity, it’s time to resurrect this blog! We’ll see how successful I am….

Today I started all my tomato and pepper seeds. 2 trays of tomatoes, one tray of peppers, and at least 2/3 of them have two seeds per cell so that’s about 140 plants. Varieties this year are:

Tomatoes: Caspian Pink, Crimson Carmello, Peacevine Cherry, German Johnson, Heirloom Stupice, San Marzano, and Rose de Berne.

Peppers: Pizza My Heart, Sunset Mix, Jalapeño, and Bangles Blend.

Italicized varieties are new ones for this year and I’m really excited to try them out. I really try to rein it in every year with my seed orders but something new always catches my eye. Other new things for this year include white cucumbers and mini persian cucumbers – I’m really excited to see how those turn out!

Another new thing for this year is that I’m giving each of my 3 oldest kids a 4×4′ raised bed of their own! My motivation for this is twofold: 1) I will be able to rope them into watering more easily 😉 and 2) I was running out of inspiration myself and figured that since I’m just not really feeling it this year like I have in years past, it’s a great time to give them a chance at it! B has opted for carrots, pansies, nigella, larkspur, and delphinium in her bed; E has opted for carrots, cucumbers, radishes, pansies, and a painted daisy in hers; and A has chosen carrots (can you tell my kids love carrots??), cucumbers, mini sunflowers, and cabbages for his. They looked through all my seed packets and picked their favorites and were out there this morning deciding which bed was whose and it was all good fun. We’ll see what happens when it comes time to pull thistles. 😉

While the kids were staking their claims, I was pruning raspberries, cleaning up flower beds, turning my raised beds, and chopping back my lavender bushes. Yes I’m calling them bushes because of their size and how woody they are – they are so far beyond “herbaceous perennials” that it’s not even funny. But I gave them a proper chop and cleared out all of the old dead branches underneath so that hopefully it will be easier to mow around them as well this year.

Alright, while the sun is still shining I’m heading out to poke around and see about starting some new beds on the back slope. I’m thinking pumpkins….



I’m playing with Instagram for more frequent picture updates. If you want to follow along on the and see what’s blooming and ripening, look for betsys_garden.

Pink Punch Radishes


These these are our new favorite variety of radishes – Pink Punch. They have a nice mild flavor and are a fun hot pink color. We’ve been without radishes here for a few weeks now so I just planted another 4′ row of them today, along with a bunch of Little Finger carrots since we seem to be going through those like crazy too!

5/14 planting

Today I planted everything in the long bed along the fence: corn, cucumber, yellow zucchini, yellow scallop squash, Hooligan pumpkins, dipper gourds, zucchini, and Racer pumpkins. Even though I have everything started from seed indoors, I just went and direct seeded outside under my little cut-off milk jug cloches.